We are here to take your problems off your hands.


These few words simply cannot sum up the vast amount of property management services that we offer in this area. In a nutshell, we’re here to help you look after your property – including everything and everyone in it.


Cleaning Services

We can organise for one-off deep cleans, for example if the property has been sitting empty for a long period of time, or after refurbishment; or we can provide a regular cleaning service, whether it’s weekly or monthly, or whenever you need it.

Catering Services

Whether you’re looking for a top chef to prepare food for a dinner party; need a cook 7 days a week; or just want a supply of fresh and healthy pre-prepared food supplied to you then our residential property managers can arrange any of this for you. Just contact us to let us know your requirements and then leave it all to us.


If you’re not sure if you’ve got the right amount of cover for your buildings and contents insurance; can’t lay your hands on the relevant paperwork; don’t know if you’re getting the best deal - we can take all of this off your hands. We’ll review your assets and requirements, make sure you’re with the best suppliers, and ensure all the paperwork is up-to-date and easily accessible in a secure online archive.

Dedicated to providing excellence.


Health & Safety Assessments

Large properties and estates with valuable possessions, or those sitting empty for long periods of time, should have risk assessments carried out in several areas including the threat of floods, fire and electrical issues. As part of our commitment to total facilities management we can arrange for such assessments to be carried out, with follow-up recommendations and action plans to ensure risk is minimised.

We can also carry out safety assessments for those entering the premises and working there, from chefs to au pairs. Make sure both you and they are reassured that they are working in safe conditions and that any potential issues can be identified and dealt with before they cause a real problem.

Utilities & Communication Installation

With regards to your gas and electricity supply, we can audit your energy usage, check you’re on the right tariff and recommend an alternative supplier and tariff if relevant. We are also able to do something very similar with your mobile phone, landline and broadband services – we’ll look at your usage and recommend the best suppliers and price plans to meet your needs.

We can also make sure your home office(s) is running smoothly with the best IT solutions that will deal effectively with your communication needs. Maybe you need more processing power, or outsourced IT support 24 hours a day for those urgent unforeseen issues. Or maybe your whole system needs to be upgraded. Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

Equipment, Grounds & Building Maintenance

There’s two types of maintenance we can help with, with regards to your property management – the planned kind and the unforeseen kind. Planned preventative maintenance can encompass many different areas and will avoid expensive and time-consuming issues from arising further down the line.

Whether it’s landscaping your grounds on a regular basis or ensuring your security gates and lighting are working efficiently; making sure the gutters are clear of debris; ensuring all interior walls are regularly painted; checking that all electrical equipment is in good working order; whatever it is, we can make sure your property is being properly looked after.

And our residential property managers are always on call for you for those unforeseen emergencies – whether a tree falls over in a storm, a pipe bursts, the security alarm won’t work, whatever happens, just contact us straight away and we’ll get it sorted as quickly as possible.

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